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Unnecessary Farce
Faatz-Murry is bubbly and exuberant and had great expressive features that kept the audience laughing throughout. She was also hilarious at playing equal parts aroused and flustered.
     -Carrie Moore,
Stephanie Faatz Murry seizes the (almost) unplayable role of Lady Macbeth in her vacillation a between a frenzied evacuation of femininity and the pitiful, delusional, ghostly shell of a noblewoman. 
     -Paula Smith Allen, Southeastern Oklahoma University
Leading Ladies
Every good farce has a “straight man” for the comics to bounce off of and that task is handily managed by Stephanie Faatz Murry. Stephanie manages to tee up the clowns while spiking a few jokes of her own.
     -Dell McLain, Southeastern Oklahoma University
Moonlight and Magnolias

It would be wrong to not mention the superb acting of Stephanie Faatz Murry (Miss Poppenghul). She went toe-to-toe with the trio, keeping a breezy, funny, sharp style. She provided the right balance of comic relief and attentiveness, as well as a bitter contempt for Fleming over a one Miss Judy Garland. She may not have had many lines, but Murry commanded the stage.                                      

     -Carrie Moore, Custer Chronicle


To Kill A Mockingbird

Stephanie Faatz Murry has the right blend of deviousness and coyness for Stephanie Crawford, a busy body Maycomb resident who likes her gossip sessions.                                    

     -Carrie Moore, Custer Chronicle



"Greg-: Standout performances?

Shane- Stephanie Faatz as straight-laced Penny. I couldn’t stop laughing at her dance moves. She stole every scene.

Greg-: Agreed, Penny gets some of the best lines, but it takes a terrific performer to draw attention to the character. "            

     -Greg Hambrick & Shane Sears, Charleston City Paper


"Tracy’s best friend Penny is left in the very capable hands of Stephanie Faatz.  A Resident Actor with C-Stage, Faatz does a superb job of transforming Penny from a wallflower to a love smitten activist."                      

     -Jeff Walker, Low Country Today


My Fair Lady 

... “one of the most exciting talents, with one of the best voices we’ve ever heard at Murry’s.  Her future is unlimited.; you’ll want to say you saw her when.”

     -Glen Gilbert, Artistic Director, Murry's Dinner Playhouse



Stephanie Faatz sings beautifully and fills the underwritten role of Abigail Adams, John's wife and confidant, with stubbornness and deep affection.      

     -Chris Davis, The Memphis Flyer

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